Representing Caln Township, West Brandywine Township, Downingtown Borough, and East Caln Township, PA.

We are your local Democrats.

Phone banking? Door knocking? Poll greeting?
That's us.

We are the local branch of your Democratic party, working hard and "thinking locally" to get Democrats elected to offices up and down the ticket.

The Chester County Democratic Committee of Pennsylvania is divided in 20 “zones,” each made up of a municipality or several municipalities. Zone 5 comprises Downingtown borough, Caln Township, West Brandywine Township, and East Caln Township.

 Our elected committeepeople (two CPs per voting precinct) are the footsoldiers in our mission to elect Democrats countywide, up and down the ticket. We prepare and distribute sample ballots; research, vet, and endorse candidates; and assist voters in accessing information and polling places.

We are your neighbors, your faith community members, your friends. We donate our time and resources because we believe in Democratic values. We welcome your questions and your help!

Our principles


— Democratic Values

Freedom, Fairness, and Opportunity for all Americans, regardless of what they believe, who they are, and where they came from are the founding principles of the Chester County, Pennsylvania Democratic Committee.

— Local Action

 We strive to share our ideals within our neighborhoods, communities, county and country. We work to elect candidates who believe in these as well.

— Neighbors and Community

We work block by block to get out the vote, promote Democratic candidates, and show all of our three municipalities what Democrats can do!

Executive Board

Zone Leader

Rachel Wick

Asst. Zone Leader

Ed Artz


Kristen Klunk Cahoon


Francine Dague

Local Committeepeople

Downingtown Borough

East Downingtown East

Phil Dague

Francine Dague

East Downingtown West

Alex Rakoff

Open seat

West Downingtown North

Kristen Klunk Cahoon

Blair Thornburgh

West Downingtown South

Michele Smith

Erica Deuso

East Caln Township

East Caln 1

Kate Holzle

Open Seat

East Caln 2

Kate Campbell

Open Seat

Caln Township

Caln 1

LaShawn Kendrick

Ed Artz

Caln 2

Open seat

Open seat

Caln 3

Joshua Young

Rachel Wick

Caln 4

Open seat

Mark Evans

West Brandywine Township

West Brandywine E1

Bob Hess

MaryAnn Shumway

West Brandywine E2

Beth Brindle

Shelley Durbanis

West Brandywine W

Tom Fulton

Open seat